Burn The World

by Media Blitz

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Media Blitz is:
Jason Schwartz - Vocals
Eddie Oropeza - Guitar
Jeff Salisbury - Drums
Ryan Blank - Bass

Recorded March 28-31 at Earth Capital Studios in LA.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Estrada.


released June 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Media Blitz Fullerton, California

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Track Name: Burn The World
The bastard song of a neglectful dad
Left out in the rain and I can't maintain
A splitting image of my roots
And I don't have shit to show
Every choice is one for the worse
And things are looking bleak
It's gonna get worse
A life long losing streak

Stuck in a corner
Breath on our necks
Forgotten or left
Burn the world

The world is cold and I feel its glare
I am expendable and nothing but a name
Do I rise up? I don't have a choice
All I have is this tiny voice
It's drowned by you, it's drowned by them
And this is where I snap
Track Name: Leaving The Nest
This is a story of a fucked up kid
Who never felt good and right no matter what he did
I never put my faith in much, but I put my faith in you
You don't think I know my worth? Well I do, so fuck you
I live for real when I'm living out of spite
The grass was never green, and I only saw what I wanted to see
I am what I am and I don't change for shit

Every claim is false
A recluse in every sense of the word
Estranged to the world
I take it back, leaving the nest

I'm not alright, but I'll be fine
Track Name: Back To The Bottom
It's dog eat dog when you're a toothless cog
And your funds are insufficient
When the market drops your worth is gone
And you're back at the beginning
Brick in your hand is your pension plan
Clothes on your back is your 401(k)
You'll realize your fucked when you understand
There's got to be a better way

From the bottom to the top
Until they squeeze every last drop
One shift of the ladder and you'll see it all shatter
Back, back to the bottom
When it all comes raining down
We'll be the first ones to hit the ground
Built on our backs, it'll only collapse
Back, back to the bottom

In the burning ash and heaps of trash
What you know will be in ruins
No ceiling of glass, no bourgeois class
And no sanctuary to hide in
After the dive you'll be eaten alive
And your outlook will change
It's a struggle just to survive
When you're at the bottom of the chain

Wealth or debt, it won't mean shit
Back, back to the bottom
Out of the black, into the red
Back, back to the bottom
It'll only last, until the collapse
Back, back to the bottom
Track Name: God Left You Behind
“The way you live is wrong"
Well you don’t need his grace
It’s a tool so sharpen your mind
God left you behind

My critical thoughts
Filter through my rotten brain
A goat amongst sheep
His flock is all the same
He favors none but himself
No morality on a shelf
Every stigma, is set ablaze

Tradition is slavery
Barbarians at best
If you lean on a crutch then you are crippled for life
Stand on your own two feet
Live by your failures and your success
No time for shortcomings or second guesses
Track Name: Hold Us Back
You were born with a rational mind
But it has been left behind
Made obedient with false fear
Fold your hands when the end is near
Hold contempt for the unkept
And hatred for what you can't accept
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
And yours is only taking space

You hold us back
You hold...

Your small mind has closed the doors
To things that we can't ignore
A horse to water, but you won't drink
We can save ourselves if you'll only think
Hold us back with what you lack
One step forward, two steps back
You don't know wrong from right
You've only seen with your own sight

You only fear losing control
So you dig us deeper into this hole
It's a struggle to get on track
With your ignorance holding us back
Track Name: Limb From Limb
Point your fingers when things go wrong
Leave us in debt and say so long
Adrift at sea and we can't swim
We're torn limb from limb
They conquer when we divide
So hurry up and pick a side
In this tug of war no one wins
We're torn limb from limb

Hold it together at opposite ends
We'll be torn limb from limb
Ripped apart, again and again
We'll be torn limb from limb

There's no words, no compromise
This is where all hope dies
This is when we meet our end
We're torn limb from limb
We can end this regime
Tear it apart at the seams
We can start from scratch again
We're torn limb from limb

Torn limb from limb
Ripped apart again
Track Name: Uniform Graves
Take a look around one last time
Before we limp across the finish line
Face the end like the rest of your kind
A countdown until the day we die

Blood and flesh to pave the way
The same slogan on a different day
Same bullshit, a different name
A new beginning but it's all the same
Endless rows of endless stones
Just more holes to dump your bones
The differences that make us slaves
Will only lead us to our graves

Just a name to give you some worth
You pledge allegiance since day of your birth
A flag to wave and a song to sing
Another excuse to pull your strings

Keep fighting for nothing
Keep believing in nothing
In the end you'll still be in uniform graves
Track Name: The Losing Race
Tired with being compared to you
Just a reject from your point of view
"Wasting your time", is what you say
But at least I can say I did it my way

I'll take my chances on my own
Face these obstacles alone
Won't stay on track, won't keep the pace
I won't compete in your losing race

A career, a home, and a wife
How's it feel to be living the life?
You grew up too fast, trying to please
Only to die bitter and unhappy
My aim is different, but my goals are right
I don't need to defend myself or pick a fight
After you've gone to be all you can be
I'll still be here and I'll still be me

The losing race
I'll try my best, but it just won't do
Because I'll never be as good as you
I'll just have to find my own way through
Track Name: Washed Away
Dig your ditches, build your dams
Hold it back for as long as you can
A leak will make this levee break
And cleanse the earth of this mistake
Concrete cracks and rebar rots
Oceans over parking lots
Grind us down, into the earth
Back to the dirt that gave us birth

Down, down, down, washed away
Flood the earth and wash away this stain
Down, down, down, washed away
Flush this civilization down the drain

Sprout again from the cracks
Cleared the slate and taken back
All your progress is erased
Every monument effaced
Streets and buildings turn to dust
Every memory is crushed
Let our flesh give rebirth
When the meek inherit the earth

Down, down, down, washed away
Track Name: Your Last Mistake
Your poor excuses are nothing new
Just blatant lies or half of the truth
How much more did you think we'd take?
This will be your last mistake

It's your last mistake

Falling backwards on a slippery slope
Losing your grip on the hanging rope
It's the final straw to break your back
Coiled around your neck when we tighten the slack
How much more did you think we'd take?
This will be your last mistake

No second chances, no goodbyes
Just a quick kick to cut the ties
How much more did you think we'd take?
This will be your last mistake
Track Name: A Void
Everything so watered down and fake
Just a shell of what it ever could be
I will not make a single compromise
That’s not who I ever was
Now I lose every single drop of sleep
My eyes so dark with the worries of this life
And I think every day until I calm
A void is only filled by stepping out of line

I'm not ok
I will not be patronized
No bright side to speak of
Freedom leased to a suit and tie
My ideals and your ideas
We don’t see eye to eye

Void, a void
We are not a commodity
No niche market to speak of
Reality is what we see

My brain
Thinks in fucked up patterns and lines
I can’t produce a smile
When I don’t think everything’s fine
Your culture of glamour and excess
Is a million miles away from me

(Chorus x2)
(First Verse)
Track Name: Thanks For Nothing
Can't feel my hands, they're tied behind my back
Can't clear my vision, all I see is black
And if I wait for an answer, I'll never fucking know
Because trying and failing is the only way I'll grow

No, it's not so easy, when you refuse to quit
Sure, stay content, but I won't commit
So, tell me, what's your secret?
Yeah? Thanks for nothing

I can't think, when there's nothing in my head
I can't move, if I can't even get out of bed
And If you wait for an answer, you'll never fucking get it
If you never take the risk, then you'll live to regret it

You'll never know, if you never even try
You'll never live, when you're waiting to die