Washed Away

from by Media Blitz



Dig your ditches, build your dams
Hold it back for as long as you can
A leak will make this levee break
And cleanse the earth of this mistake
Concrete cracks and rebar rots
Oceans over parking lots
Grind us down, into the earth
Back to the dirt that gave us birth

Down, down, down, washed away
Flood the earth and wash away this stain
Down, down, down, washed away
Flush this civilization down the drain

Sprout again from the cracks
Cleared the slate and taken back
All your progress is erased
Every monument effaced
Streets and buildings turn to dust
Every memory is crushed
Let our flesh give rebirth
When the meek inherit the earth

Down, down, down, washed away


from Burn The World, released June 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Media Blitz Fullerton, California

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