No Regrets EP

by Media Blitz

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Recorded on January 4th and 5th in 2010 at Earth Capital in Los Angeles with Alex Estrada. Self-released in March 2010.


released March 26, 2010

Mixed, mastered, & recorded by Alex Estrada at Earth Capital.



all rights reserved


Media Blitz Fullerton, California

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Track Name: Feeding Time
In a sea of lies you're totally fucked
In a world of apathy there ain't no luck
Stepping out of reason and rhyme
It's feeding time

Digging the ditch with the bigger fish, it's feeding time
The weaker stepping out of line, it's feeding time
Swallowed up and you're totally fucked it's feeding time
It's feeding time

Smaller government and smaller hearts
Taking family dreams and tearin' them apart
An army built on minimum wage
Put to death by interest paid

Swimming now with the bigger fish
Cuz don't you know who's the digger of the ditch
Step into line, it's feeding time
Track Name: Self Worth
If this is financial freedom, why do I feel like a slave?
Hours of my time spent for a meager wage
How do you define success? Is it the car I drive or the way I dress?
But, when all is said and done, who do you think has had more fun?

You can't take your money to the grave
Working all day, you're a slave
Nothing ever trickles down your way
Wasting your life just for pay

It's hard to defend the things that mean the most to me
Because in the real world they only live for money
The rich get richer and the poor stay poor
Could this really be the only thing worth living for?

I wish I could say money means nothing to me
But pizza and records aren't free
So until I win the lottery
My empty wallet's got a death grip on me
Track Name: Never Grow Up
What happened to you, the friend I knew
The one who wanted to make a change
I guess those times were just a joke to you
I may not be writing the book, but I'm helping turn the page
And that is so much more than you can ever fucking say

Now you've grown and you've fucking changed
Abandoned the words you lived by and you'll never be the same
Don't you ever tell me to act my age
Never grow up

You were into it at the time but now you're done
I can't be the only that still wants to have fun
What we do has a meaning and I'm doing my part
Not because anyone tells me to because it's in my heart

Never give up, never grow up
Track Name: The Difference
You don't have to have a triple X tattoo
To have a positive attitude
I've never had to belong to a 'crew'
To justify the things that I do
I've never had to use violence to defend
The ideas that have become a trend
'Cause I don't think gangs and clothing lines
Is what Ian had in mind

The difference between me and you
Isn't a point of view
The difference between us is
I don't write X's on my fists
Why can't you be yourself
Instead of being everyone else
To myself I'll always be true
I wish I could say the same thing for you

"Listen, there's no set of rules..."

Life is a gamble, you've made your bet
But now you're the one living in regret
'Cause I don't think gangs and clothing lines
Is what Ian had in mind
Track Name: Let Down
I used to think that you were my friend
We were in it together until the end
But now that's changed, now I know
Now your true colors, they fucking show

I have no respect for those who quit
No sympathy for you giving up
If it were up to me there'd be no pity
And you'd be out of luck
I've always put my faith in friends
And they've always come through
But I guess my first mistake
Was when I trusted you

Let down
I'm let down again

But the thing that hurts the most
What really gets to me
Wasn't when you fucked us over
And you called it quits
It was when you hung us out to dry
It was the simple fact that you
Couldn't look me in the eye

That's when I knew
We're fucking through
And you had no business with me
Because your opinion is not worth shit
And that is fucking it
Track Name: No One To Blame
You have nothing to say, you have nothing to do
But I can't feel sorry, because those choices are made by you
I guess you never figured making an effort into your plans
Having nothing but that chip on your shoulder makes your life kind of bland

Nothing to say, no!
Nothing to do, no!
How much potential can you undo?
Nothing to say, no!
Nothing to do, no!
You gotta keep it together, dude

What can the future bring, when you're in the present on hold?
What could have been is turning into a stagnant green mold
I guess you're doomed to a life of looking forward to never
But it's not much of a surprise when your outlook is "whatever"

Nothing to say, no!
Nothing to do, no!
How much potential can you undo?
Nothing to say, no!
Nothing to do, no!
You have no one to blame but you!
Track Name: Not Just Words
What am I doing here? Where do I belong?
Is this just me yelling, or lyrics to a song?
It's time to reject the apathetic views
It's time to do away with the bad attitudes
If we can make them think
There's no telling what we can do

These aren't just words, they mean so much more to me
Saying "I disagree" is what can set us free
These aren't just words, they're messages of truth
And I still have faith in the discontent youth

Music without a message is the beginning of the end
We have to keep minds open, on these ideas that we depend
The anger of our generation will fall on deaf ears
Unless we raise our voices loud enough for them to hear

There's so much anger inside, it's up to you to let it out
But don't let frustration be the reason why you scream and shout
Let there be meaning, not just mindless violence
Because you and I, we can make a difference